Sunday, March 4, 2012

Picture of The Week #9

This is for last week. I don't think I have posted a picture of the week for a couple of weeks, as I have been working my butt off since I got back from Sedona, AZ.
So I counted through the weeks and last week should have been week 9.
And it is a photo from when the grand kids were at the house yesterday.
Nic in my big bay window playi g behind the blinds.

-On to my day, which has been rather lazy.
Kirsten and her crew came over to celebrate my birthday early, since we are all very busy on Tuesday.
Beautiful flowers, a handy beach bag, a water bottle, some sun screen and some Hershey Kisses. And some birthday cake to have with dinner tonight.
Oh, yes, I did make some Hot Cross buns to take to work tomorrow.
And the kids played outside while they were here-our thermometer out back is reading 60F. And you say is it the fourth of March????. Yep!!!

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

Such a sweet photo of the little guy.
Oh your birthday is in a few days :)