Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope all your sweethearts have been good to you!  Mine was to me.

We had dinner at home.   You can get a great meal for a whole lot less $$$$$ and not fight with the crowds.  My king of meal.  I went to the grocery store this morning with Kirsten and Cooper to get a few items.  It was busy.  

I went to out Internet/ cable/ phone company to change a few things.  Wrong!!!!!!!  Can't do squat since it is Curtis' name on the bill.  Well I called him while I was in the office and got that changed.  Makes me see red!!!!!

Then I went to the bank to activate my new debit card.  You are supposed to be able to do it at the ATM machine.  Wrong!!!!!    So, I went into the bank and we tried this again only the teller was having problems with her computer and had to reboot  it.  So, I left and went back later.  

See why I don't like to leave my little house.   Everything is draining!

Our Valentine flowers!


Tracy said...

Not a good day for you.
Most of all our bills are in my name, so Wayne can't access them..not that he ever would, as he doesn't use the phone, lol.
Beautiful flowers…good job Curtis ;)

Lisa said...

What gorgeous flowers!! They are so beautiful!! Wow, what a frustrating morning you had..sometimes I don't like to leave the house either!! Have a great weekend :)

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Nat said...

Im the same too, dont like when its too busy either and would rather have a nice dinner at home. your flowers are beautiful. :) !!!