Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In the Flippin' Deep Freeze!

Our temps are way below zero and we have lots of snow outside!  It is suppose to go to close to 20 below tonight.  And I will be out in it early in the morning to go to work.  They called today to see if I would go in.  Ok. I said for half a shift!  Not sure what is going on, but a lot of folks are off sick.  I just want to stay healthy!
Made a quick run to the grocery store and shoveled the walk.  Not the kind of weather you want to be spending a lot of time outside!
Harlee stayed for dinner and then I took her to cheer practice.  She got to bring home the spirit award.
Helping Kirsten out!

A couple more valentine cards I made.  Getting them ready to get out in the mail.


Deborah Montgomery said...

thanks for visiting my blog! We are cold here too, although at 25 it's rather "warm" compared to temps we have had, with more snow today. And I have to go out in it :( Never seen a winter like this one! Stay warm!

Tracy said...

I am so over this cold weather and snow.
Cute cards :)