Saturday, February 1, 2014

Start of a New Month-February

Here we go with a new month.  It is starting off pretty chilly.  But the sun shone brightly.  I did not venture outside.  Work called early this morning to see if I would work, but we needed to get new tires for our rig. That set us back a pretty penny!  Glad to have Curtis home.  Spent a quiet day at home in my scrap space working on my Dec. Memory book.  Did quite a few pages and Zi am actually lost done!

A page about Ginger, the gingerbread doll!


Tracey said...

Love your pages Leslee, great photos, lots of wonderful memories! Each year I say I'm going to do a December daily....I'm really hoping 2014 is it!
ps. thank you so much for kind coments....I love travelling! It looks like we will be back in Canada very soon for my husband parents 60th wedding anniversary.

Tracy said...

Your pages are wonderful!!!