Friday, August 22, 2014

A Whale Tale!

The next day we visited Icy Straight Point.  This port has no dock and tourists must tender to shore.  It isn't a destination of very many cruise ships.  But it is so beautiful.  I had done some investigation and decided to take an independent tour here.  I read they had lots of whales in this area.  So, instead of being on a cruise ship tour with 100 other people, we were on this little boat with only 6 of us and the boat captain, Duane.
He had seen a bunch of whales the day before while fishing with his son and asked if we would mind going a little further than the usual trip.  None of us objected because we wanted to see the most whales possible.  And, my, oh my it was so worth the trip.
While the people from the cruise ship tour headed into fog and only saw 1 whale and they brought them back into shore.
In this little cove there were so many whales.  And what a show they put on.  Slapping tales on the water.  Slapping fins on the water.  Breaching.  Lots of tails!!!!!  Beautiful!
 It is hard to pick just a few photos to show you.  I alone took over 350 photos here.  

 This magnificent bird greeted us at the dock.

 You can see at least 4 whales blowing in the above shot
 Love the whale tails. 

 And the fins

 You can see how close they were to us at times


And so we had a fantastic morning on the water around Icy Straight.  More photos of this place tomorrow. 

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Lisa said...

I am blown away!! Seriously amazing!! Wow!! What beautiful creatures!! How lucky you are to have seen them all!! The bald eagle is gorgeous, too!! Have a great weekend :)

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