Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mendenhall Glacier

Just a little bit outside of Juneau is the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier.  We have been to Juneau before but have never visited this glacier.  Last time we went whale watching, because this is a great place to do that.  But, this time we wanted to try something different.  And since most of the Glaciers are receding, we took a visit here. 
 What you first see when you arrive at the Glacier
 The scenery is beautiful around it. 

 Can you see the little water falls on the right and the lake in front

 Put the telephoto on so you can see how blue the ice is!

 You can walk to Nugget falls if you had more time than we did there. 
 The yarrow  was blooming
Fungi in the forest
 Chunks of ice in the lake in front.
 A little creek there had more salmon spawning. 
 Fireweed was blooming too!
I was back to work today.  It was a busy afternoon and I am bushed. Heading to bed so I can have a repeat performance tomorrow. 


Lisa said...

Gorgeous pictures!! The glaciers are just amazing!! What a beautiful place!! I hope you were able to rest!! Have a great day :)

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Darnell J Knauss said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo diary, Leslee!! It's so incredible to visit one of those glaciers!! And I love your flower photos, too! Hugs, Darnell

Tracy said...

Such stunning photos.
Your scrapbooking pages are going to be gorgeous.
So sad that the glaciers are receding.