Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Next Stop-Juneau!

I know you are all early anticipating the next installment of our Alaskan Adventure.  Our next port of call was Juneau, the capitol of Alaska.  Just a short sail north of Ketchikan. 

The morning started out pretty cloudy, but the day cleared and turned into a beautiful one. 

I have to make more than one post of this day, because we did a lot and there are a ton of photos.  We took a tour off the boat that included a fish hatchery, the glacier gardens and Mendenhal Glacier. 

Can you see the glacier off in the distance?

It's a float plane parking lot!!!

Can you see all the salmon?

Can you see them jumping?

The salmon are huge.  They were spawning. And here they are ready to go to the canning factory!

The next photos are the glacier gardens.  The huge flower pots are over turned tree trunks.  This garden was developed where there once was a land slide that destroyed everything.  

Everything grows bigger and better in Alaska.   Everything is so green as they get so much rain.

There was a bald eagle who had a nest in one of the trees at the glacier gardens. 

Today has been a busy day.  I made two batches of raspberry jam.  It seems to be everyone's favourite.  Then Curtis and I went to the movie-Guardians of the Galaxy.  Pretty good flick and I managed to stay awake, so it had to be good.  Then I came home and mowed the lawn and did all the trim.  I think the last time it was done was before we went to AK.  Looks much better all trimmed.  I am now putting my feet up and collapsing!!!


Tracy said...

More great photos.
Those trees and flowers are beautiful.
Always busy aren't you Leslee ;)

cait! said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. I'm just packing away! c:

Tracey said...

The scenery is beautiful, more great photos. Raspberry jam sounds yum!

Lisa said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos!! I can't believe all of the salmon!! Sheesh, and it's soooo expensive to buy in the store!! All of the flowers are so beautiful!! And yum, raspberry jam!! Have a great day :)

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