Tuesday, August 26, 2014


From Anchorage we headed south for our return.  The next stop was Homer.  I don't think we got to appreciate the full beauty of this location.  It is supposed to be totally surrounded by beautiful mountains.  But it was a very grey, overcast day that turned into drizzle.  And with the clouds so low we didn't see much.
Homer is home of the TV show- "The Deadliest Catch"!  Famous for halibut fishing here.  Homer is still on the Alaska mainland south of Anchorage.  I had wanted to take a boat out to gull island here to see puffins, but the weather was not conducive to that plan.  It cost to take a shuttle into the town.  But there is the Homer Spit where they have lots of little shops and restaurants and you could ride the free shuttle.  You can guess what I opted to do. 

 Lots of sea gulls here.  On the docking ropes of our ship

 I walked along the beach here and found sea glass and a fossilized shell for Harlee

 Saw lots of people camped out on the beach

 Some of the shops and eateries
 One of these was a store that featured native art.  Beautiful but expensive!

We are supposed to warm back up today.  Maybe if the grass dries out it will get mowed.  We had almost 4in. of rain this past weekend.  The mountains had SNOW!  The air had changed and is more fall like, even though it is still Aug.  The early mornings when I am out walking are brisk, in the 40's.
This afternoon I get to go to a knitting class.  How to knit socks on round needles from the toe up.  Looking forward to this a lot. 


Darnell J Knauss said...

Thank you for sharing as you've been going along, Leslee! It's neat that you can do that as a record for yourself and for us to enjoy as well! Hugs, Darnell

Nat said...

looks like your on an adventure, beautiful pictures!! :) thanks for sharing :)