Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Kodiak is on an island southwest of Anchorage.  It was cloudy when we docked and I was hoping it would clear.  But, oh no, it poured rain.  This is where a lot of people fly in to see the big Kodiak bears.  All the flights to go see the bears were canceled because of the poor visibility.  We had nothing scheduled and therefore just took the shuttle into town.  The shops were quite a walk from where we got dropped off and it was just miserable.  Would like to go back here to explore further.  

 These first two photos are leaving Homer

 You can see from the sunrise, why I thought it might clear.

 Very much Russian influence here.
 There is a huge skeleton of a grey whale in their little museum.  Very impressive. 
Not many photos from here.!!!


Nat said...

wow the sky looks so stormy. hope your Summer has been a good one with the grandkids :) !!. Sorry I have not been around much, spent most weekends and after work fixing / painting the house. So nice to pop in and see your blog :)

Donna Heber said...

Beautiful sky! Glad you are having such a wonderful time.

Tracey said...

It does look cold and stormy...what a shame your bear trip was canceled!

Tracy said...

Sounds like such a wonderful vacation :)