Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday, Already?

Not sure where the days have gone this week, but it is already Friday.
We have had a few days of rain and cool temps.  Got the gardens planted, so with  the rain and cool, I am hoping they will get established before we get a blast of heat!
I had a trip to Target with all the grandkids and spent a buck or two.  Cooper wants every ball in sight.  So, he got a ball that lights up inside.  Nic wants every Lego set on the shelves.  But he settled for a squirt gun and a spray bottle.  His mother will kill me.  Harlee just wanted some princess goldfish to eat, which she got.  And they all got an Icee.  I wanted to make this trip to get some new Playdoh, new bubbles and squirt guns to play outside with at my house. 
Kirsten got the big kids all registered for swim lessons in July.  And hopefully Harlee will get to go to girl scout day camp. 
Have had a busy morning starting with a hair cut.  Came home and vacuumed through and mopped floors.  Also changed sheets and got them laundered.  Curtis is off on his volunteer blood drive to Missoula. 
And the sun has come out and is shining brightly and it is really warming up outside. 

A few photos from our drive to the mountains last Sunday.  You can see it was fairly grey and overcast, but we did not have any rain.

 This is the part of the state my girls would love to go to girl scout camp in the summer.  They leased some land from a ranch in this area.  And the camp needed some upgrades, I guess they didn't have the funds for and let the lease go.  What a shame!!!  This is truly God's country and it is on the Rocky Mountain front. 
 A yellow headed blackbird

 Look at all the blue birds sitting on the fence.  Never seen so many flying around before.

 Along the Missouri river

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Lisa said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous photos!! It's so beautiful there!! I love the one of the bluebirds on the fence!! Have a great day :)

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