Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day Tripping #2

Spending the night in a hotel room with the 3 grandkids is an interesting adventure! They were up late and took a bit to get settled. And did they sleep in - oh, no!! Nic was awake around 6am!
And did he chow down breakfast! He had a muffin, egg, box of cereal snd half a waffle! Some days he has a hollow leg!
It was nice The Museum of the Rockies opened early at 8am.

There have been a lot of dinosaur nones dug up in MT. Not far from where we live. Both kids had studied them last year. So it was a good time to visit. Harlee was very impressed with the size of a Triceratops, which she personally studied!

There was a special chocolate exhibit and the rooms all smelled like chocolate.

Quite a few Yellowstone critters created by artists! They were very cool!

The kids loved the remade area of Yellowstone. It was for kids 8 and under!

The fire man outfit was at least 3 sizes too small for Nic! He insisted it would fit. Thank goodness I could talk him out of trying on the pants!

Out little park rangers!

Touching a meteor.

It was a good adventure! We had to do it this week as the next few weeks are busy. Girl Scout day camp for Harlee next week! Followed by 3 weeks of swimming lessons!

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Lisa said...

That looks like such an awesome place to visit!! I would still be in that chocolate room - you'd have to pry me out!! Adorable pictures!! Have a great weekend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Nat said...

looks like a wonderful adventure with the little ones :) have a great week ahead! :)