Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun with the Grandkids!

Yesterday, Kirsten and I hit the road with the munchkins! We decided the big kids are at an age they would love some of the things Montana has to offer! We are so lucky to have 2 National Parks within driving range! We headed south.
So that means Yellowstone Park!

All packed up and ready to head out!

Scenery along the way! We went through some heavy rain! But managed to time our picnic lunch right!

Waiting for Old Faithful to do its thing!

Wow!!!! The skies cleared for when the geyser blew!

Cutest photo ever! Everyone has a camera! Except Cooper! So he used a cracker!

The traffic leaving Old Faithful

These guys were causing the traffic jam!

Especially the little babies!

Fun time after a long day in the car!

Fun facts:
Cooper is a terrific traveller for only being 2! And he hated the swimming pool! He loves the bathtub! Go figure! He had a fit every time his nana left the hotel room without him!

Nic thought Old Faithful spouting was way too short! He ended up with a compass! It was his first visit to Yellowstone!

Harlee was real excited to be going back to Yellowstone. She loved
seeing the bison.

Day 2 tomorrow!

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Lisa said...

I love Yellowstone!! What fabulous pictures!! When I was there, a couple of years ago, it was on fire and the roads around the lake were closed. We had to drive hours out of the way to get around it to where we were staying. But the scenery was totally worth it!! Have a great day :)

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