Monday, June 15, 2015

Time for Tea with Cooper

Last week when Cooper was over he got the tea set out of the little playhouse.  And proceeded to make us tea!!!  How does he know about this? Anyway, he gave me a cup and it had a little bit of dirt in it for me to drink.  I shared a pot of tea with him.  I love the imagination and the pretend and make believe of a toddler!
And I enjoyed my quiet weekend.  Curtis did not get back home until 7:30 last night.  He had a great weekend and captured some great photos.  I caught up with the wash, I baked muffins, I scrapbooked and just generally did nothing.  Felt great!!  I do like my own company sometimes.  Part of being a Pisces! 
And it is darn chilly out.  After being close to 90F earlier in the week, we hardly made it to 60F yesterday.  And today isn't much warmer, although it is sunny with big white fluffy clouds.  

My layout for today, back in the cold of winter!
It is hard to see, but I embossed white  snowflakes on the pink.
And also embossed the paper under the banner.  It was a lot of work


Tracy said...

Your layout is so beautiful Leslee.
I love the colours and the extra you added with the texture.
Just beautiful.
I love that Cooper shared his dirt tea with you :)

Lisa said...

What sweet pictures!! How fun to share tea!! The layout is gorgeous!! I love the embossed snowflakes!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Susanne said...

I enjoy that you've got pics of him and a layout of her. What a good grandma blogger you are!