Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Wild Adventure Ride!

Our second day in Perth, now that our laundry was done we took an excursion out to Rottness Island. 

We caught a bus just across from our hotel to take us to the ferry dock.  And we had a lovely ride down the Swan River to Freemantle and them
N a short ride to the island.

Rottnest Island (known as Wadjemup to the local Noongar people, and otherwise colloquially known as Rotto) is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located 18 kilometres (11 mi) west of Fremantle. The island covers 19 square kilometres 

Along with several other islands, Rottnest was separated from the mainland around 7,000 years ago, when sea levels rose. Human artefacts have been found on the island dating back at least 30,000 years, and the island is called Wadjemup by the Noongar people. Dutch sailors landed there on several occasions during the 17th century, by which time it was uninhabited. The island was named by Willem de Vlamingh in 1696, who called it Rotte nest ("rat's nest") after the quokka population.

Rottnest is perhaps best known for its population of quokkas, a small native marsupial.
They looked like rats to me, except they hop like kangaroos!

Going to Rotness, was like going back in time!  There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island- only bicycles, scooters, skateboards.  There us one bus that does tours around the island.  It is a popular holiday spot.  The Friday we went was a long weekend for the school kids and the ferry was packed with families and bikes.
Getting off the ferry!  Can you see all the boats lined up on the front of the boat?

We thought we had signed up for the bus tour around the island!  Oh, no!  It was a wild adventure ride on a boat the rides into the waves and supposedly a nature sight seeing tour.  Ok, right!  They handed out spray jackets to put on once we got going.  All right, a ride around the island in a boat, not a bus! The colour of the water!  And so clear!
There is a light house on the island.
Yes, we saw seals sunning.
An osprey sitting on its nest.

Another seal on the opposite side of the island
And after reaching the Indian Ocean I had to get in and document it!
It was a pretty relaxing day, all in all!

And now we are under a winter storm watch!  After looking at these wonderful beach photos!
It has been raining most of the day, which is very much needed.  And maybe snow in the morning, we shall see!  The mountains for sure will be getting snow!


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, giant rats that hop!! Eeek!! What gorgeous pictures!! The water is so clear!! I hope you don't get a winter storm!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Susanne said...

Great snaps, excepting the "rat" of course. Looks like you are having great fun.