Thursday, April 28, 2016


Yes, it is snowing and 32F out.  Yesterday we reached a whopping high of 38F.  The bipolar weather of spring in Montana.  Thankful it is not tornados!!and we have received much needed precipitation.  
Had fun with Cooper yesterday morning. He loves to come here as his siblings do.

We had to have a hunt on after school as Harlee's little camera was missing.  She said she had searhed her room.  Her dad had even pulled the bed out last weekend.  I said I would go over and help.  She was so upset and didn't want her room torn apart.  We went into her room, her mum pulled back the curtain to have some light and lo and behold there it was sitting on the window sill!  Shortest visit ever to their house!  

A few remaining photos from the trip.  We spent the next couple of days in Cairns, up at the Great Barrier Reef.  The weather was pretty over cast and steamy- hot and humid.  
Sunrise coming into the harbour at Cairns.

We were off to tak the boat to Green Island.  Almost didn't go as the weather was so iffy.  But it cleared once we got out to the island.

We rode a glassbottomed boat to see the coral and colourful fish. 

This was the view going onto the island.
And then after some lunch and walking around we came back out and the tide was out.
You could see the beautiful under sea life from the dock.

And I leave you with one little layout.  From swimming lessons last summer and water safety day.


Lisa said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!! I visited the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, too!! Such an amazing place to see!! I'm glad Harlee's camera was found!! Your layout is so beautiful!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracey said...

Really nice photos sure did see a lot of our country in a short amount of time! Great the fun photos. I would be so upset too if I had missed placed my camera, happy it was found!

Tracy said...

Your layout is great as always :)
Great photos of your trip..that water is so clear.