Sunday, April 3, 2016

April is Under Way!

BHere we have started a new month.  Kirsten has been sick!  Curtis went out to photograph grouse early one morning and did a red Cross blood run.   I worked a long and very busy 12 hour shift.  Started going through my trip photos and ordered some.
Of coarse, I just can't put the sd card in the hard drive- the computer is too old to read it.  Always something.
Curtis and I made a Costco run to Helena yesterday and found out the local craft store is shutting its doors. I wonder if Hobby Lobby opening there was its demise?
And this weekend the temps have climbed near 70.  Very enjoyable, I must admit.  Need to do some outside work.
Will continue with some photo from my trip.  Our next stop was Dunedin, the last New Zealand port on our cruise.  It was sad to leave the land of the Kiwis.
This was coming into port early in the morning.  I saw a seal playing around in the harbour...
We did  gorge train ride here.
Pretty cool train ride.  Bought some souvenirs and they served a yummy lunch.

This is their train station!  Look how gorgeous it is!
I so had to take a photo of this bus!
One cool mailbox, don't you think!
The picturesque coastline.
Baldwin  street is famous as the world's steepest street.

And pipers piped us off as we left port.  An interesting evening as about an hour later, we were eating dinner- the captain came on overhead and said we were returning to port for a medical emergency.  
We got close to port and a medic helicopter came out to us and landed on the heliport on front of the ship.  And this was not the only med evac we had!


Lisa said...

What gorgeous pictures!! That train station is amazing!! Such a beautiful place!! I love seeing your photos!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Susanne said...

Well, lots of scrolling of your lovely photo-abundant posts has me caught up to here on your pictures. It looks like such a fabulous trip. Gives me the itch to start planning more of our own.

Lynette Jacobs said...

It is fun seeing photos from your trip. New Zealand is so beautiful.