Friday, April 15, 2016

Away We Go!!

Did we end our adventure at the end of the cruise?  Oh, no!  It was time to fly to the other side of Australia to Brisbane. It is almost an all day adventure between the three hour time change and the distance flying.  

Here we are getting close to landing.

And who met us at the airport?  My scrapbooking blog buddy, Tracey.
Her blog is  I know some of you visit her site already.  
How wonderful is it to actually meet up with someone you have communicated with over the internet?
And she made time for my sister and I as she was so busy with the up coming wedding of her daughter.  She drove us to our hotel and spent the evening with us.  It was great!  So much more meaningful now you have met this talented, creative lady in person!

After receiving 3/4 of an inch of rain yesterday, it started to snow overnight.  And we had 5.4 inches of snow today.  Very much wanted moisture.  It was heavy wet springtime snow hard on power lines and tree branches!

We have branches down 

My poor flowering bush
Harlee was happy to make snow critters after school!
Back to the 70's next week!


Lisa said...

Oh, how exciting you got to meet Tracey!! How fun and how sweet of her to take time from her daughter's wedding preparations!! Gorgeous pictures...except for the snow!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracey said...

Oh was fabulous meeting you and your sister! Funny felt like I'd known you for years :) I can't believe your 'spring' weather...I'm really sorry but I think your Pink bush looks so pretty covered in Snow. Have a great weekend, Hugs x

Tracy said...

So exciting to meet a fellow blogger!!!
We were so close to meeting when we were in Montana :(
More gorgeous photos and what is with this weather?!

Susanne said...

I just discovered Tracey's blog recently, so it's nice to see her pop up here as well. (I probably discovered her here, thanks for that.) Loving the trip pics.