Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Sewing Project

Not like I have enough pokers in the fire.  I am working on 2 travel albums.  I am finishing knitting a pair of sock for Caitlin.  I still need to made some dinners to put in the freezer for Kirsten.  So, I started something else.  A quilting project for Cooper!  I started making him a blanket.  I got all my fabric cut out, so I can start to sew.  Here is a glimpse with the materials I am using.  I love the colours.  I think that is the part I like about quilting and why I like scrapbooking too.

Yesterday a pretty quiet day.  But I did go into the hospital for mandatory Employee forums.  Ticks me off when you have to go in for something and can't find a park!!!!  I went around 2 lots and found nothing, so I finally parked in a physician parking slot.  There were still lots available.  Puts my blood pressure up.  Will be doing this again today and hopefully it will go better.  Got my floors all mopped up.  Picked up the princess after school and she spent the afternoon with me.  And Curtis got home from Missoula. 
Supposed to be an awesome, spring-like weekend here with temps up near 60F.  Unfortunately, I am scheduled to work.  I say bring it on!!!

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Tracy said...

Ohhh I love a quilt, can't wait to see the work in process :)