Wednesday, September 11, 2013


If you live in America you never forget the event of 9-11, 2001.  You remember what you were doing and being glued to the TV most of the day!  Curtis was TDY and came home, as I was scheduled to work a night shift and didn't want to leave the girls all night by themselves.

I have worked Mon. and Tues and they were doozies.  Have a few days off, except I volunteered to work Friday morning extra.  

Today, I did some catching up at home.  Did laundry and was able to hang some outside.  Got to give the new Dyson a work out.  Mopped down some floors.  And got a haircut.  Started working on a little project for our trip to Disney.  Countdown is so-  we leave in 9 days!  

Tomorrow I get to spend the day with Cooper.  Haven't done that in a little while.

Just a couple of photos from the weekend.  Please excuse the spot in the middle of the screen.  Seems my sensor had a spot on it, which has been rectified.


Nat said...

I remember exactly where I was when we hear the sad news. such a tragedy.
Have fun at Disney, sounds like a great time and I am sure that you will take great photos too! Have a wonderful day :)

Tracy said...

I think everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing that day.

I took your advice and saved some of my paper for envelopes ;)

Tracey said...

I really enjoy visiting to see your photo's of the country side...Oh how I want to visit again some day! Enjoy disney!