Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Almost Time

To leave on our big vacation.  Feeling better .  The baby and I are still hacking and coughing!

He came to visit. Kirsten asked to leave him here for a few minutes, while she took the big kids to the bank to cash their coins in.  But they didn't want to go to the bank. They wanted to stay with their nana. So their mum went to the bank without them. 
 Much cooler out today. First time I have worn my sweatpants in a long, long time!   Sad to think winter is just around the corner.  A and the mountains did have snow today!


cait! said...

You guys had better not get me sick!!!

Tracy said...

I would rather stay at Nana's if I was them as well ;)
I hope you both feel better on your trip.
I am sure you will all have such a great time :)

Nat said...

hope your feeling better for your trip. Hmmm is that a Saint John, NB sweat shirt that your wearing?? I was down east once in high school. Stopped into St John, and went all the way to the Cabot Trail and Peggys Cove NS. loved it!