Thursday, September 26, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Saturday night our planned destination was Las Vegas.  We stayed in North Vegas.  I am not sure what Harlee thought Vegas was, but that isn't where she wanted to sleep!  
We decided to drive down the strip. Not sure that was wise, because there was a ton of traffic.  The I Heart Music Festival was going on.
I stayed with the kids and the rest headed out to enjoy some of Vegas.  They ended up on Freemont Street.

Sunday morning we promised the grandkids we would take them to M&M world.  Luckily we found a parking lot very close by.  They had fun filling their bags with their favorite colors of M&M's.

Cooper just got to watch!
And we were back on the road again!


Tracy said...

Yumm M&Ms.
I see Chris angel is performing, love that guy

Nat said...

love the photos and m&m's too. looks like the kids are having fun!! :)