Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting Ready for Disney!

Next week at this time we will be on the road to California and Disneyland!  In preparation we decided to make our own autograph books for the kids.

Started with a cereal box, cut them up and covered them with Disney papers.
Today,I worked half a day.  Curtis and I went out for lunch. I barely got home and Kirsten was here with Cooper.  She headed to the school to get the kids and Cooper and I swang in the sky chair, where he fell asleep!  And I wish I had!
Yesterday, I had watched Cooper all day.  He is at the point where he wants you to entertain him and not entertain himself. Therefore I didn't get much done!  I walked to the school with Kirsten. It was hot walking home!!!!  And then I ran to the hospital for a mandatory meeting.


Nat said...

Lucky!! Have fun at Disney and please tell Mickey I say hello!! :)Love the autograph books, great idea :) !!!!

Tracey said...

Great idea the front cover! Enjoy your trip:)

S said...

Cute albums - the grandkids will enjoy those. Have a safe and happy trip!

Tracy said...

Your autograph books are so cute.
The kids will have so much fun. I have yet to travel there.