Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Today we had birthday celebrations for our family.
We celebrated Harlee turning 5 and tomorrow is her mama's big day.
We have so enjoyed those 5 years with our little princess mermaid.
She is such a pleasure and her nana loves her to bits.

We had the kids for a bit this morning and then we took Kirsten and the critters out for lunch at one of Kirsten's favourite places, Chili's.
Later this afternoon, we headed to Kirsten's for presents and birthday cake.
She picked out a purple Dora cake. Who would have guessed with purple being her favourite colour.


cait barrow said...

I'm glad she liked her horsie and had a nice time!

Tracy said...

What fun presents :) I want to play too.
That is one thing I miss with my girls being older now.

Glad everyone had a great day :)

mehmkefar said...

Birthdays are so much fun when you are little!!