Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Stickers

Here are the stickers we cut out-below

Yesterday, Kirsten and I took Harlee to get Valentines for her classmates.
She, of coarse, picked princess ones with a sucker included.
Then she thought she needed Valentine stickers and her mother didn't want to spend the money on them.
I told her we could make some at home and that seemed to satisfy her.
We came back to my house and she could hardly wait to get in my craft room. It didn't help papa was on the phone in that room.
So, she picked out some striped paper, i got the Cricut all set and away we went cutting out hearts. Then, we ran them through the Xyron and voila, stickers. And one very happy camper.
Harlee and Nic spent the evening at our house, so there mum and dad could go to a roller derby party. Bath time in Nana's big tub and a little Wii and off to bed.

The weather has been just weird and wacky this week. After not getting hardly above freezing all week, this morning I get up and the temperature is 40F. The Chinook winds are blowing and that is what makes the difference and everything is melting now. And a grand high of 47F today.


Tracy said...

Nana know how to do everything to make her grand-babies happy :)
Cute card :)

mehmkefar said...

Back in Nana's tub and craft room!!