Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Freeze up!

Why can't both kids look at the camera at the same time????

BBBbbrrrrrrrr....... it has become a deep freeze out there.
Today it was 4F when we were out running around and just on Sat. it was 54. That is a 50 degree change in temps. Only in Montana. And snow predicted for the next few days.

On to my day. Doing some catch up around the house. Got it all vacuumed and also the floors all washed. Clean house.
The plumber called with the cost for a new pump for the jetted tub. Yeah!!!!


cait barrow said...

You'll be the happiest of campers if you get your tub up and running again, huh?

Tracy said...

We too have had cold temps. I got to stay inside today :)
Such cuties in the tub.

mehmkefar said...

The kids are going to be thrilled when you get those bubbles going again.