Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kirsten

Today it was daughter #1's birthday. She is a quarter of a century, making me feel very old. We celebrated her birthday, with Harlee's yesterday.
Thinking back 25 years ago, it was a long day of back labor with her after going 2-1/2 weeks overdue. She is still very stubborn today.
She is trying very hard to be a good mum and has her hands full with Nic. I thought Kirsten was hard to deal with, but I believe she butts heads with her son.

Went up to preschool with Kirsten and Nic. Kirsten baked cake pops for Harlee'e preschool class. She can always use and extra pair of hands with Nic around. The cake pops looked very cute and Harlee had helped her mum decorate them.

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mehmkefar said...

Where do those years go? She has her hands full and is doing a great job.