Saturday, January 7, 2012

Picture of the Week-#1

Thanks to Kirsten and the kids coming over, I have a photo to post for the first week of the New Year. It was Saturday bath time at Nana's. So, a brief break from layouts, although I did finish another one today.
Kirsten and Tim spent some time in the ER last evening. Kirsten had terrible pain around her Left ribs and I guess has inflammation of the cartlidge around her ribs. I invited her over for dinner so she wouldn't have to cook. The don't know if it is from derby, fighting with Nic, stress or a combination of them all. She needs to rest and has some pain meds for it.
I was on call for work today, and didn't get called in. Did some laundry adn some scrap booking.


cait barrow said...

Again, making him look less devilish. c:

Tracy said...

Awww Nic is a little sweet heart :)

mehmkefar said...

Don't you just love the joy on that little bath time face?