Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Five Fav. Layouts of 2011

I didn't create a whole lot of layouts in 2011. But I am really happy with the ones I did. Hopefully there will be more done this year.

Today I put more Christmas decorations away. I dusted and polished furniture and vacuumed through.
Then Cait and I got into the sewing scraps I have and some are going back to Seattle along with her sewing machine.
After we headed out to rent a couple of movies, which we are now going to watch.


mehmkefar said...

And very nice they are too!

Tracy said...

I love your layouts.
I am planning on doing more in the new year...well I only did 2 last year, so hopefully I can surpass that this year, lol.

S said...

These are all great. I wasn't following you all year, so I like the review. And I see you are off and scrapping big-time in 2012.