Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Couple More Cards

To share with you that I put together yesterday.

So onto today- I worked from 6am until about 1pm. We are still admitting babies are full to over flowing. I can't remember the last time We ran with 8 nurses. That is how many were on shift today. And a bunch of us were splitting the shift.
and did I come home and take it easy- oh,no! I set into ironing
Curtis' work shifts. I am sure I did at least 15 shirts and 3 pairs of dress pants. But it is all caught up now. And I watched "The King's Speech" while I worked away.
Easy spaghetti for dinner.
Relaxing now with a glass of wine,

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Tracy said...

Beautiful cards Leslee, love the top one.
Your are making me look bad, I haven't done anything for the last 2 days.

cait said...

The butterfly makes its appearance! Yay!