Friday, February 24, 2012

A Trip to the Homeland

This morning, Curtis and I headed north to Lethbridge. I will soon need a new passport and decided I would go home to Canada to get my photos taken, after all the trouble I head last time. It was three round of photos before they finally decided to accept one. Not this time--don't stop at go and head directly to the CAA. I can get the paperwork all ready to send in when we get back from Hawaii. So, it was basically a turn around trip, did find time for lunch at Tim Horton's. A little shopping at Shopper's Drug, Northern Reflection, Addition
elle, and Sears Canada. It was snowing pretty good when we were leaving town and stopped once we head the border--strange, And they now have a Swiss Chalet in Lethbridge--so will be heading there on the next trip.


cait said...

I was trying to explain swiss chalet sauce to Serena and I realized that there was no way to describe its delicious goodness.

Tracy said...

Swiss Chalet is delish ;)
I see you didn't get to Canadian Tire, lol.