Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Travel Journal

I just started working on this little travel journal for our trip to Hawaii. In 2 weeks we will be in Seattle getting ready to fly there.

I used a little Smash book and decorated the cover and now I am working on some of the inside.

I have had a busy day. I was out of the house early to run errands and I had quite a few stops. Picked up a few groceries. Put gas in the rig.
I came home and mopped floors.
Picked up the princess and made dinner and had Kirsten and the kids here. Watched the kids while Kirsten went to a Relay for Life meeting. Her derby team will be participating this year. She just stopped by to pick up the kids.
And i am back for a day at work tomorrow.

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cait said...

Your visit cannot come soon enough. c:

Tracy said...

I love the title to your travel journal :)
Perfect for where your going :)