Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Middle of the Week

Start of a New Month--February!!! Where the heck did January go????
You get a couple of wintery photos, since we may be getting a little snow tonight.
Ran errands today. Got my jetted tub finally fixed and now to get the tile back up.
Went up to work to check on a couple of things.
Seems my manager managed to not get my change of work status in from a regular part-time position to a registry position. Good thing I keep an eye on my pay stubs.
They have been taking out for dental insurance that I no longer qualify for. So, in the long end I should be getting some $$$ back--will come in handy since I haven't been working any shifts.
Picked up the princess after preschool.
Trying to get organized to head south to AZ for a few days on Friday to visit some good friends who have been snow birding there.

Projects completed for Jan.
mini album-1


Tracy said...

Love that you are keeping a monthly total of projects you have done. I fear this for myself, lol.
AZ sounds like heaven.

mehmkefar said...

Your photos are always so gorgeous. Almost forgot how snow and cold look. Will see you in a few days. It is so nice here. The cardinals are waiting for Curtis.