Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Creativity

So, these are a couple of the cards I made on Monday when I was so pooped to do much else.

Work is still plaguing me. The unit is still very busy with 20 babies and that is about our limit. And I know that Billings was diverting to us over the weekend,so they are busy too. I worked most of yesterday and was back today to view a webinar on drug withdrawal babies. I do love what Ido,just hate it when politics gets in the way.
We had some wild weather yesterday too. I came out from work and it was 47F out. I went out about 45min later to pick up the princess and it was 33F and it was snowing and blowing like crazy. Making the roads a little slippery this morning.
So, this morning, i went for the webinar, came home and started laundry and baked some cookies. The princess came in after school and wanted to know what smelled so good and was very pleased to have homemade cookies for her snack today.


Tracy said...

Very pretty cards.
Wow, I'm impressed. I would have come home and went straight to sleep. And here you are baking cookies, creating and doing laundry.
Take a rest lady, lol.

cait said...

I'm jealous about the cookies. I made mini cornbread muffins for a dinner I went to last night, but that isn't the same as Mom's cookies. c: The cards look really great!