Saturday, February 4, 2012

A First

We actually got to travel legally at 80mph, legally,for part of our drive through southern Utah. But there were still drivers going faster than that and passing us by.

Leaving Provo, UT

I love the landscape of the southwest. There are mountains practically the whole drive down from SLC to Vegas. I love the red rock. Had beautiful blue skies as you can see. And the temps were in the 60's when we arrived here.

Of coarse, Curtis had to take a trip down the the strip in Las Vegas and this is what we saw-----

And Elvis was driving it!!!!! Only in Vegas!


mehmkefar said...

Only in Vegas!! Glad you are having a good drive down. See you at the Big Ditch tomorrow.

mehmkefar said...

Very cool that you have figured out the photo to iPad. Now you need to teach me.

Tracy said...

Beautiful sight.
I knew he was still around ;)

cait barrow said...

I'm still pretty jealous about Elvis. c: