Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

Since we got back from The coast Harlee has been asking to go to the park and feed the ducks. So, yesterday I picked her up from the bus and we headed to the park and the duck pond. It seems to have a lot of Canadian geese that are quite bold. And they are almost as big as she is. She wasn't afraid, but I was for her, so I put her up on a bench so she would be a little further away from them.

And, of coarse, we had to stop at the playground, too.

This morning I headed out to Target after my walk to pick up some items for Kirsten, as she had Nic sick at home. And I got my floors all mopped and the vacuuming done. They sprayed my lawn, so it was watered too. And it is raining this evening so that will help the grass too. It has been pretty hot the last couple of days. I even had the A/C on yesterday.

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cait said...

How lucky is she to have such a fun nana?! Also, Canadian geese are totally frightening. c:

Tracy said...

I agree with Cait, Harlee is so lucky to have and awesome grandma :)
Looks like she enjoyed herself.