Monday, May 28, 2012

Help, Mommy, Help!

While we were out in Seattle we took the grandkids swimming. It has been a couple of years since Nic was in a big pool. They were both really excited to get in the pool. Kirsten had bought some arm floaties and tubes for the kids. They would wear them in the hotel room. Then we got in the water. Nic was hanging on to his mommy so tight, I think he almost strangled her. But before we left he was getting used to being on his own. We need to get Harlee In swimming lessons, hopefully this summer.

Our long weekend is almost over . The weather has been despicable - the sun finally showed it 's face this evening. The lows have been in the 30's and my plants are still hanging out in the garage. Hopefully I will get them back outside tomorrow.
Curtis and I went to the movies this afternoon to see "The Avengers"
Changed sheets, washes sheets and towels, did some sewing on blankets for work. On to another week.

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Tracy said...

Awww look at the little ones having so much fun. Sigh I loved those days.
We are in a state of emergency with all the rain that we have had.
We personally aren't affected as we are on much higher ground, but over 300 homes are flooded and many roads are destroyed.
And I think I hear thunder in the distance :(