Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Spiffy New Glasses

I have been wanting to get new glasses for a while now. At the end of last year we found out our insurance no longer offered a discount for eyewear. So when it was open season for health benefit, I told Curtis we better find something to help defray the cost of glasses since we all wear them. Also dental, since I changed my status at work and no longer qualified for their dental.
Long story, I know. So, then I waited patiently until the new year. I went to our usual place and the first time it was closed and the next time the parking lot was so full I couldn't find a park. I thought the third time is a charm!!!! Not! They didn't accept the insurance we now have. It just can't be easy. I just wanted a new pair of glasses.
After we got back from Hawaii, Curtis and I were out for lunch. Across the street was an eye glass shop. I dragged Curtis in after lunch, and lo and behold, they took our insurance. Since I need to wear my glasses all the time, I wanted something stylish and fun. This is what I picked out. They are purple and green.

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Tracy said...

Nice glasses.
I need to get myself some, especially now that I lost my cheater glasses, lol.

Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{> said...

You forgot the the woman helping us used to work at the other place!


cait said...

Those are pretty sweet. It will be nice to see them in person/ weird since they will be different than the last time i saw you!