Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Happy Belated Mother's Day

I hope all the Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world and the most rewarding.
It has been a whirlwind weekend for us. But I was able to spend it with. Both my girls and my grandkids.
A big congratulations to Cait on her graduation.

Today I picked up our mail that the post office was holding, went to Walmart for groceries and I just finished vacuuming out the car and wiping it down. After all, Nic was in the far back in his own little space. Need to pick up Harlee from the bus pretty soon.

Her are a couple of cards that I made for Mother's Day.

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

Beautiful cards. I enjoyed seeing the same card in different colours :)
So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day :)