Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29

It has been another quiet day at home, trying to recuperate.  STill lots of congestion and I run out of voice by the end of the day!  I am sure my family loves that!  Missed a half day of work today and I am not going in tomorrow!  I don't want to get further run down and get something else.  Cait has also managed to catch something and now Curtis is sneezing.  Just lovely for Christmas vacation.
This came to our house for Christmas 

and Curtis and Cait are giving it a workout while the grandkids are not here!

I also created a few more cards this afternoon.

Hope to get over this bug real soon and be more productive!  Enough is enough!
I do not make the best patient.


Tracy said...

Nothing keeps you down does it.
Get some rest and take care of yourself.
I want so bad to create, but just don't have the energy to walk further than the top floor of the house.
Take care my friend :)

Nat said...

hope your feeling a bit better. its so easy to catch a cold this time of year. your making some awesome cards, love them all!! Im back to work Jan 2nd this vaccation flew by! wishing you a happy new year :)