Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cooper!

It has been a very busy day at our household and I am bushed. Not only is it Good Friday, but it is Cooper's first birthday!
Kirsten was at our house early. She left the big kids here, while she ran Cooper to his first year check up. He is a big guy, weighing in at 26lb.-2oz. and 32in. long!
When she returned it was time to dye Easter eggs with H&N. Cooper kept us company in the high chair. This is an Easter tradition since my kids have been little. Caitlin was going to dye eggs out in Seattle.

They left to meet their daddy for lunch. I ran to the grocery store for a couple of things for dinner. Shortly after I got home the power went out.  The wind was blowing like crazy.   It had been off for almost an hour, and I was getting a little antsy about dinner. I had put a ham in the slow cooker a couple of hours earlier. I was happy to have it come back on and continue with the dinner prep!

Cooper's birthday wheels

 He was more interested in his dad's Dew than the cupcake with the candle.
He didn't like the idea of going back in the high chair for his cupcake.  We took his shirt off and you will see why.  He didn't like the cupcake much at first and then he tasted the icing.  Yum!!!  and he devoured it!

He was a mess and so was my kitchen.  He got a dunk in the tub before he went home!

And here is the card I made him.

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Tracy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper :)
Such a cutie, I am sure he enjoyed his cake :)

cait! said...

Love Harlee's outfit and her little horsie. Nic's look of concentration is adorable. And Coop is a cupcake eater extraordinaire!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday Cooper!! What absolutely adorable pictures!! His cupcake looks delicious!! The pics of him eating it make me smile!! I hope you have a very happy Easter :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Nat said...

Hi Leslee, Hope you are doing well. Happy Easter to your and your family !! :) Colouring eggs was always a big hit in my family at Easter too!
Glad to be back and hopfully have more time to craft and play online. Work has been intense over the past few months as I was working 9 hour days, 6 days a week! Miss seeing all your posts too :)

Diane said...

Well I see there is a lot of activity and creativity going on in your household. Very fun pictures.

Hugs Diane