Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not Much Time at Home Today

Thus no creating!!!

I had skills training at work until well after noon today.  Was up early and did a few things before I headed to the hospital.  When finished it was a quick trip around Target for a few necessary items that are almost gone.  

I picked up Toots after school and took her home.  Had planned to take her to soccer practice, but that was cancelled because it was raining.  Home for the evening now.  Short post for today.

I agreed to work tomorrow afternoon for a gal.  But our census is down, so hopefully I will just get to stay at home.  Anymore, that is just dreaming!!!!

Today you get two pocket pages that sit next to each other until I have better light to photograph some other pages I have completed.  

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Lisa said...

Your pocket pages are so fabulous!! I love the pictures!! Have a great evening :)

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