Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soccer Sunday!

Harlee is signed up to play spring soccer.  Spring soccer is the worst as the weather is so unpredictable and often cancelled due to snow or rain.  Curtis was on the field with her last week and I was working.  And it was a terribly cold day to be sitting on the field.  This week was much better.  The thermometer said 50F, but it didn't feel like that sitting out on the field.  The wind was whipping around.  It had just been hailing when we left the house.  Thankfully, we got through her game without any precip!  Her team is trying hard, but they don't follow through with their kicking and getting it down to where the goal is.  They all like to be in a bunch.  But, they are learning!

You can see how threatening the skies are in some of the photos.


S said...

Soccer is definitely for the young - all that running. It looks like they were having fun.

Tracy said...

Looks like Harlee is having a blast!!!