Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Keeping the Home Fires Burning,

while Curtis is on the road this week.  Soon, very soon he will be retired and at home driving me up the wall. 
 Pretty quiet around here today, until this little guy showed up.

He is like the demolition derby arriving in your house anymore!!!  No corner is unturned while he is around.  The bathroom door is closed!  The craft room door is closed!  The blinds are opened up so he isn't trying to pull them down.  Today he found the cords for them.  It was a quick move out of that local!  He was here for a few hours while his mum worked the lunch rush at her job.  He ate a pretty good lunch, no more baby food for him!  He did actually nap a while for his nana.   But, he sure wears this nana out.  I am sure glad I didn't have boys.  I love them to death, but can't keep up with their antics. 


S said...

Your scrapping is so steady these days, I envy your productivity. You must not be spending all your energy chasing the little ones; or is the secret that you take the nap too! LOL

Lisa said...

He is so absolutely adorable!! I just don't believe that sweet face could cause any kind of havoc ;) Your Cars layout looks amazing!! The pictures are awesome!! Have a great day :)

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