Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

That's how the song goes and how it was at out house Thursday morning!

It had snowed about 3.5 inches on Wed. And it was heavy sticky snow! Great for snowballs and snowmen! Not the typical snow we get here. It is usually dry and fluffy!

Harlee came for her sleepover on Wed. Afternoon and wanted to go out then., but it was almost dark and told her she would have to wIt until the morning! She was ok with that!

The morning of Thanksgiving came! She was up early! We watched some of the parade! I made her pancakes for breakie! And she wanted to head outside. It was already well into the 40's. The chinook winds were blowing and would be melting all that snow away!

She started rolling snow on the back deck!

I love the above photo! Adding the finishing touches,

She has the creative genes too! What seven year old adds eyelashes to her snow girl? She was quite thrilled to get her snow person built. Unfortunately it was almost
Melted away by the time her family got here. Good thing for photos to tell the story!

Kirsten and I went out for a little black Friday shopping yesterday! She found some boots for a great deal! I got a new Christmas tree for a good deal too! Yelled at a lady who was trying to cut the line we all had patently been waiting in! Can see how riots get started by doing stupid things like that! Also went to a department store for a few things! They didn't charge me for the most expensive item I bought! They were too busy removing security tags! Didn't find out until I got home and was checking my receipt! A great deal for Kirsten's birthday!

Also got a haircut yesterday, which was badly needed. It was almost into the 50's yesterday! And in the late afternoon when I went out, the cold front was moving in and had dropped to 27F. By the time I finally got home at dinner time it was 13F! That is how drastic these fronts move in here.

We are under another winter storm watch! Extreme cold and 3-6in of snow expected,

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Lisa said...

Her snowman is soooo sweet!! She did a fabulous job with it!! Heehee...eyelashes!! Love it!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Nat said...

totally darling, great pics and fun snowman!!!!

Tracy said...

Aww her showgirl is beautiful.I love that she added eyelashes to it :)
We get crazy temperature drops here as well.
We can use the heat and the air conditioner on the same day, lol.

Tracey said...

Super adorable photos.....she did a wonderful job!