Friday, November 14, 2014

Not Only is it Cold,

But we are setting record lows. Minus 17 the past two night. We have been the coldest spot, not only in the nation! But on the North American continent. Colder than the Canadian provinces and territories and they are way further north than us. Alaska is downright balmy compared to us! Thank goodness the warmer air will be slowly coming!

I spent a busy day at home, as I work tomorrow. Cleaned bathrooms, and vacuumed through. I got dinner organized for tomorrow so Curtis can feed the grandkids dinner. I baked cookies. I baked scones. And I made yummy rice pudding.

Harlee was here after school asking about rice pudding! She says- I don't
like rice pudding!! I do not think she has ever had it, cause I know her mum doesn't make it. I ask her if she has ever tried it? She says no, but I don't like rice! Just like her auntie. And I tell her that. Auntie Cait doesn't like rice, but she loves rice pudding. Think I might have convinced her to try it!

Anyhoo, I had my camera out when I was filling the bird feeders this morning. We had freezing frost last night, which left everything covered in frost. Mother Nature can sure put the special effects out there sometimes.

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how cold it is there!! Wow!! Coldest in North America!! Your pictures are beautiful!! I'd love to taste your rice pudding - yum!! Have a great day :)

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Nat said...

you are having cold weather, holy cow!! You can keep it, dont sent it my way!! :)

Tracy said...

I bet your home smelled wonderful with all of your baking :)
Beautiful photos as always :)

Susanne said...

You are making me shiver. Stay warm and safe.