Monday, November 10, 2014

The Dreaded Four Letter Word

has arrived- Snow, yes snow.  And bitter cold!!!  We had a great big high of around 12 F today.  Brrrr......   And they say it will be colder tomorrow.  All I can say is Bah Humbug!!!

We had a couple of inches over night and it has continued on and off today. 

I braved the slick roads early this morning to head to work for a staff meeting.  I stayed on  the back roads where there wasn't much traffic. 

When I got home, I shoveled our walk.

Then, I got the books out and studied for my NRP (neonatal resuscitation program).  You have to take their test on line, before I go in for the practical on Thursday.  Didn't quite leave it until the last minute.

Kirsten and Cooper dropped in around lunch time.  Their furnace was on the fritz last night.  She called first thing this morning and still was 5th in line to get it checked out.  But all is well and it is working again.  I thought they all might be spending the night with us, if it didn't get fixed and the dog too!

Here is our backyard this morning.  Thanks to the hubby for providing the panorama!  There was as hawk out there when Kirsten arrived checking out all the little birds at the feeders. 

Unfortunately winter has arrived!


Tracy said...

Such a beautiful view you have….even with the snow ;)
It was -11C here this morning…at least that is what Wayne told me as I was in bed still keeping warm ;)

Lisa said...

Ugh, snow!! I can't believe you have so much already. I dread it. It's been chilly here but nothing like your frigid temps. Have a great day :)

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