Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Been a Busy 24 Hours.

The last two days have been a whirlwind!!!! 
Yesterday, started with me finishing baking some nuts and bolts (The Canadian version of Chex Mix).  I finished frosting some Praline cookies.  And also a batch of Sugar Cookies I had made of the dough I had left over.  They ended going with Harlee to her school party today.  And I guess they all got eaten, except one she kept for her dad.  
Yesterday afternoon was also Nic's program at school.  He did exceptionally well.  He came out and gave us all a hug when we arrived.  He sang his songs and then read his version of The Night Before Christmas!

Curtis and I left his program and headed on the road up to the Flathead Valley.   We wanted to deliver Christmas gifts to his dad and Sarah and say Merry Christmas.  It was supposed to be good weather.  But, we got into the mountains and it was snowing.  At times the visibility was the pits...But we got there safely and turned around and headed back around lunch time.  I wanted to be home before it turned dark.  Good thing we went now, as it is not going to be nice traveling into the mountains from now until Christmas. 


Nat said...

such beautiful wintery photos. You have been a busy gal as usual. those cookies sure sound goodI received your beautiful card, love it so much, thank you!! Merry Christmas to you :)

Tracy said...

Nic looks so grown up :)
Glad your drive was uneventful. That is the only draw back about traveling in the winter..the bad weather.
Your photos are beautiful as always, but I really like the last one, so cozy looking

Lisa said...

What adorable pictures of Nic!! And the wintery photos look amazing!! Have a great day :)

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