Monday, December 29, 2014

Lots of White Stuff!!!

They say we had 6.9 in., but there is more than that in my back yard!

Caitlin had an alarming call from her boyfriend this afternoon. He said their whole department at work had been fired! And by gosh, a couple of hours later she got the call! Talk about a punch in the stomach! I think the business is being very premature! No one else does their jobs! Let's hope it is a blessing in disguise. And that she finds another job quickly! I am glad she was home and that I didn't have to deal with her on the phone, miles away! There will be no more buying at Zulily for me! I will not support a business that does this!

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Susanne said...

Oh my what a shock for them. The snow is lovely, but I am glad it is there and not here. ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh wow, what a horrible time for them to do that. I hope she is able to find another job soon. Ugh - that's a lot of snow!! Thankfully I can still see green grass, though it is very, very cold. Have a great day :)

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about your daughter's job.
Havent' had snow today, but really cold.

Nat said...

oh gosh, thats a lot of snow! don't be sending it my way!! lol.
all the best for a wonderful 2015 filled with happiness and lots of creativity!