Sunday, December 7, 2014

Playing a Little Catch Up

I have been up to my armpits working on getting our Christmas cards ready to go.  Gave Curtis the letter to get typed up.  Not sure how that is going.

Yesterday, was a long day at work.  I was pooped when I came home.

Friday, I did a little baking,as I wanted to take some scones to work and some sugar cookies.  They mostly all got eaten.
 The board I roll and cut on was a gift from my mum eons ago and it comes out frequently when I back. The cookie cutter was one my mum used when I was a kid and brings back many memories. 

 Doing a little wrapping for gifts I need to get out of town!
 Working on checking off days on my advent calendar.

Cooper and Kirsten came to visit. Playing a little hide and seek!

Another favourite decoration my mum gave me.  She is with me frequently during this season!!!  She loved Christmas too.


cait! said...

I have to say, even I'm feeling festive this year!

Nat said...

those cookies sound good :) I love your calendar thats really cool. I have my grandmothers cookie cutters and love using them. Brings back beautiful memories :) !

Lisa said...

I love your Advent Calendar!! And the peek-a-boo picture is adorable!! Love Santa, too!! Have a great day :)

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Tracy said...

Isn't it so nice to have those wonderful memories :)
Your advent calendar is so pretty :)