Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life Getting in the Way

Of posting on my Blog! Been a few days since I have posted. Just a real busy time .

I worked on Monday and Tuesday, so yesterday was playing catch up

Kirsten called in the morning to see if I could pick up the princess from school as she wasn't feeling well. She was waiting in the office looking pretty pale. We ran to Walgreens to pick up some cough drops and cold meds.

She asked her nana to make her homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch and how can you say no? Out came the pot! She had a bath in our big tub and I think she was feeling better when we took her home!

I initially thought I was working Tues. and Wed, until I checked the schedule!!! Oh, no! I had written it down wrong on my calendar. I had promised Kirsten I would watch Cooper! So, Mr Mum stepped up to the plate.

After having all our snow melt with the record high temps last week we had more snow over the weekend! Big fluffy flakes falling down!

I have a feeling that this next week leading up to Christmas will fly by. Look forward to having my baby home for a few days! And I am off the whole time she is here! It will be a good visit!

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Lisa said...

Ugh, more snow!! There is a chance for a dusting here today and I'm not happy about it!! I hope your little princess is feeling much better today!! Have a great day :)

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